Allison Avenue Streetscape Improvements

Improving Allison Avenue

The downtown area continues to be improved with the Allison Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project. Allison Avenue is the primary entrance to La Mesa’s civic center which includes the library, post office, city hall, fire station 11, and police station. Allison Avenue also provides a connection to the downtown village. With a number of buses passing through Allison Avenue and the adjacent trolley station on Spring Street, Allison Avenue also serves as a major transit and pedestrian corridor.

Allison Ave

Continuing Upon Previous Improvements

  Improvements included:

  • Asphalt overlay
  • Enhanced crosswalks
  • Landscaped and sheltered bus stops
  • Landscaping
  • Mid-block crosswalks in front of the new library and bus stop
  • Street lighting
  • Street trees

The design of Allison Avenue was consistent with the city’s walkability and smart growth plans. The work was completed between Palm Avenue and University Avenue.

Gateway to Downtown

The intersection of Allison Avenue and Palm Avenue is one of the gateways to the downtown village. It is an important intersection for special events such as Oktoberfest and the Back to the 50's Car Show and traffic is often closed to vehicles at this intersection. The project modified this intersection to enhance these events as well as improve safety for pedestrians and reduce vehicle speeds.

Improvements for Safety & Storm Water Collection

Bulb-outs for pedestrian ramps were constructed to improve safety by increasing pedestrian visibility and shortening crossing distances. The bulb-outs were constructed so no parking will be lost. New landscaping was designed to improve water quality by channeling storm water runoff through the landscaping, reducing irrigation needs and removing pollutants before entering the storm drain system.

Project Funding

Construction funding came from the San Diego Association of Governments smart growth incentive grant and bicycle/pedestrian grant programs, Community Development Block Grant funds and TransNet.