La Mesa, CA, known as “The Jewel of the Hills” was established in 1912. In its early days, this small Southern Californian town was in the movie-making business. Throughout much growth, both in population and industry, La Mesa’s sophisticated yet quaint image has only risen over the years. La Mesa is now best-known for its seasonal festivities, as well as for its quaint downtown area on La Mesa Blvd. more commonly referred to as “The Village.”

Take a stroll through The Village, and you will likely feel transported back in time, to the days when sharing an ice cream float with your sweetie made for a perfect day! Small businesses are plentiful in and around La Mesa, as are gorgeous city parks and family-oriented events.

Explore La Mesa’s historic timeline, a listing of famous and significant citizens, and a series of historic and current photographs of various locations throughout the City.M Lo Ave 1910

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