Downtown Village Parking

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Downtown La Mesa is your favorite place to shop, dine and explore because it has something for everyone. And that goes for parking, too. There are nearly 500 public parking spaces provided to serve you when you visit. Need an hour or two? No problem. Need more time? We’ve got you covered. There’s even a special parking program for business owners and employees. If you don’t carry cash to pay for everything, we’ve got 140 smart parking spaces that accept credit & debit cards, as well as smart phone contactless payments. Want to just pay and go? We’ve got an app for that called ParkSmarter. Its all available to you at low hourly rates and no space is far from where you’re going in La Mesa’s intimate, walkable Village. Check out your options using the links below and we’ll see you soon because we’ve got a space for you!

  Parking Permit Program

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