North Spring St Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements

N Spring

Project Description

The City continues to improve walkability with the North Spring Street Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvement Project. This project will provide improved pedestrian and bicycle access completing system gaps in the pedestrian network along North Spring Street.  Ultimately, the project will enhance transportation safety by enhancing and connecting La Mesa’s Civic Center area and transit station to the commercial/industrial center located north of I-8.

Continuing Upon Previous Improvements

Improvements included:

  • New pedestrian sidewalks
  • Enhanced crosswalks
  • Landscaping
  • Street lighting
  • Asphalt overlay
The design North Spring Street Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvement Project was consistent with the city’s walkability and smart growth plans.

Improvements for Safety

The new sidewalk added on this project will be ADA compliant. A chain link fence will be added along the sidewalks separating pedestrians from the rail corridor and the I-8 Freeway below the bridges. A retaining wall with integrated pedestrian lighting will be installed at the El Cajon Boulevard undercrossing to create sufficient space for new ADA compliant sidewalk connection and enhance pedestrian safety. Traffic signs, pedestrian countdown heads, enhanced striping and pavement markings will be installed. High visibility crosswalk striping at intersections will be added at North Spring Street, the eastbound I-8 on-ramp, and the eastbound I-8 off-ramp. Drought tolerant landscape will be installed within the center median located immediately south of El Cajon Boulevard overpass. No trees will be removed as part of the proposed project.

Much of the sidewalk improvements and proposed bridge improvements at the I-8/North Spring Street interchange will be constructed within existing Caltrans right-of-way and on existing structures. 

KH North Spring Street

Project Funding

Construction funding came from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and Transnet.