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The City of La Mesa is making it easy for residents to save energy, conserve water, and reduce waste by providing DIY Energy Saving and Sustainability Toolkits for free checkout. By checking out the toolkit at La Mesa City Hall or Helix Water District, residents can start saving money while working toward a cleaner and greener home. The City of La Mesa is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to protect the quality of life for everyone. You can help!

Please note that this program is available to City of La Mesa residents only.

What’s in the Toolkit? 

Each kit contains no-cost giveaways, such as LED lightbulbs, a water-saving showerhead, ftoolkit and acc_REV0611-01our faucet aerators, and weatherstripping to help kickstart your energy-saving journey.

The DIY Toolkit also contains a User Guide that includes step-by-step directions so that anyone can easily take advantage of all the tools and items contained in the toolkit. Additionally, the user guide outlines other sustainability information and tips so you can make small adjustments that have a big impact.

See the bottom of this webpage for a more in-depth look at each of the individual tools in our toolkit!

Why Participate?

DIY Energy-Saving Toolkit Infographic

How to Check Out a Toolkit

The check-out process is easy! The Toolkit can be reserved online today, and you can schedule a pick-up time between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. M-Th from La Mesa City Hall (8130 Allison Ave.) or Helix Water District (7811 University Ave., La Mesa, CA). The pick-up information will be will be noted in the response email. 

Reservations are required ahead of pickup. Reservations made day of will be accommodated when possible, although availability of Toolkits cannot be guaranteed. The Toolkits are available for checkout for two weeks, at which point the Toolkit and equipment must be returned – giveaways stay with the user!

The City has deployed a thorough sanitization and contactless checkout process in alignment with current guidelines to keep the community safe. Each toolkit is sanitized prior to checkout. Once all items are in the toolkit, a sticker is added to indicate it is disinfected and safe.

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User Survey

When you finish using the toolkit, please make sure to fill out our user survey. The QR code will be provided in the toolkit. We strongly encourage you to fill out the survey because it helps us track data for reporting purposes, and your feedback is very important to us as it will guide future improvements to the program!

SDG&E Energy Showcase Award

The City of La Mesa received the 2020 SDG&E Energy Showcase Award as they were recognized for their leadership in advancing an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable future.  The DIY Energy Saving and Sustainability Toolkit was highlighted in the award, and it also inspired the County of San Diego and the City of Chula Vista to create a similar program.  Check out a video about the award and toolkit here.  

The DIY Toolkit is funded by California utility ratepayers and administered by SDG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.


Informational Videos

DIY Energy Saving Toolkit Introduction

City of La Mesa DIY Energy Saving Toolkit Introduction & Checkout Process

Toolkit In Action: Featuring A La Mesa Family

Take A More In-Depth Look At The DIY Energy Saving Toolkit Contents