Collier Park Renovations Project Master Plan

The renovation project construction began on 
November 1, 2022, which will require closing the 
entire park and courts for approximately one-year.

November 29, 2022: Grading of the park site and construction of the replica c.1915 drinking fountain at the La Mesa Train Depot is underway.

ground breaking 10.25.22

21.008_Colored Site Plan-09.01.2021 Opens in new windoweast slope concept

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The COLLIER PARK RENOVATIONS PROJECT MASTER PLAN represents recommendations for specific improvements to developed areas of Collier Park as well as concepts for future improvements to undeveloped and underdeveloped portions of the property. The primary goal of this Master Plan is to provide enhanced recreational amenities and opportunities that serve to encourage more active use of the park by residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

Collier Park is the oldest of La Mesa's parks and until 2017 renovation of the "panhandle" entrance at Palm & Pasadena, has not had any upgrade since the 1990's, other than resurfacing the 1950's court to add pickleball lines in 2014. The planned renovation of this neighborhood park is part of a long term project to improve and update the park based on community input through a master plan started in 2008, adopted in 2013, with additional input gathered in 2018. Surveys reflected a number of community interests: including tennis, playgrounds, safety and pickleball. 

The next phase of improvements, with an estimated cost of $4.5 million, is being completed with funding that has been allocated from park development fees, Federal Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), La Mesa Park and Recreation Foundation donations (for the new playground),  CA Department of Parks and Recreation Local Assistance Specified Grant funds, and CA Proposition 68 Land and Water Bond funds. The project includes: replacing the restroom, court and playground: improving the topography to improve  park drainage, visibility, and creating ADA accessible access throughout the park: installing security cameras, lighting, parking, picnic shelters, pathways/sidewalks, and plazas: park drainage, and adding landscaping, including a mix of turf, trees, low water vegetation, and storm water quality features. To accommodate these improvements some areas of the park will have a grade change from its existing levels. In January 2022, in preparation for the renovations, trees in the construction area were removed. 

The renovation project construction is scheduled to begin on 
November 1, 2022, which will require closing the park and courts 
for approximately one-year. 


Spring House Historic Structures Report - February 2022