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La Mesa GBN Social MediaThe City of La Mesa has partnered with the San Diego Regional Green Business Network to offer a local green business network and certification program, furthering the City’s commitment to environmental sustainability through the successful implementation of La Mesa's Climate Action Plan (CAP). 

Through this partnership, the City has established its own La Mesa Green Business Network (GBN) as a central hub for businesses in La Mesa that are striving to be sustainable, as well as businesses that are already actively engaged in sustainable practices. Through the GBN, businesses gain access to valuable sustainability resources, including a monthly newsletter, educational events, and networking opportunities. Additionally, businesses can join the La Mesa GBN at no cost with the option to officially become a certified California Green Business. Throughout the certification process, they will receive ongoing assistance with business evaluations, documentation, and promotional initiatives.

Green Business Network Vs. Green Business Certification

The La Mesa Green Business Network (GBN) and the Green Business Certification are distinct entities. While signing up for the GBN offers businesses the opportunity to pursue certification, it does not automatically grant certification status. To achieve certification, businesses must actively collaborate with an environmental consultant provided by the network. This collaboration involves meeting specific targets across various sectors. For a more comprehensive understanding of the certification process, please refer to the detailed description below. 

Even if your business is not yet ready to pursue full certification, we strongly encourage you to join the GBN. By doing so, you can keep up to date with La Mesa events and gain access to valuable resources that might inspire sustainability practices.

Any business operating within La Mesa can join the La Mesa Green Business Network for free with a valid La Mesa Business License. For more information about La Mesa business licenses, visit


The California Green Business Network provides rebate incentives of up to $500 for approved green purchasing to businesses that have successfully completed their Green Business Certification, subject to the availability of funds. Moreover, the Network regularly presents various challenges and campaigns throughout the year, offering additional rebate opportunities and marketing incentives.

Why Join The La Mesa Green Business Network?

Becoming a part of the Green Business Network offers numerous benefits, allowing you to stay informed about the latest sustainability developments in La Mesa while expanding your professional network. By joining the network, you gain access to:

  • Email updates: Stay in the loop with sustainability events organized by the City of La Mesa. These updates ensure you are aware of opportunities to engage with the local sustainability community.
  • Monthly GBN newsletters: Receive informative newsletters packed with valuable resources and programming specifically tailored for green businesses. These newsletters serve as a valuable reference for sustainable practices and provide insights into successful sustainability initiatives. You can even explore past monthly GBN newsletters by clicking here
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with La Mesa businesses that share your commitment to sustainability. The Green Business Network provides a platform for networking, allowing you to establish connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded people.

Why Get Certified?

Click here for a more detailed look at the benefits of obtaining a green business certification.

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What Does the Green Business Certification Look Like?

To attain your Green Business Certification, you will receive dedicated guidance from a consultant who will assist you throughout the entire process, completely free of charge.

The certification process entails fulfilling a set of core measures and elective measures, with the specific requirements tailored to each business. Factors such as business type and location contribute to the unique criteria assigned. The measures encompass several categories, including:

  • Energy
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Solid Waste
  • Transportation
  • Wastewater
  • Water
  • Community


  1. To initiate the certification process, you will meet with your dedicated sustainability consultant for an overview of the certification journey. During this session, you will receive a comprehensive explanation of GreenBiz Tracker, the web-based platform that will serve as your progress tracking tool. The consultant will carefully observe and document any existing activities that align with the certification requirements.
  2. Next, you will begin collecting the necessary documents to demonstrate compliance with the certification standards. These documents and notes will be uploaded to your profile on GreenBiz Tracker under each corresponding measure as evidence of your adherence. Throughout this process, your consultant will be readily available to offer guidance and support, conducting regular reviews of your documentation.
  3. Once your documentation has been thoroughly reviewed, you will schedule an onsite audit with your consultant. The final audit includes spot checks, product verification, and an overall assessment of compliance.
  4. Upon successful completion of the certification process, you will receive physical documentation to proudly display in your window, showcasing your official certification status. Moreover, you will gain access to the Green Business Network marketing toolkit, equipping you with valuable resources to promote your certified business. Additionally, as a certified member, you will receive recognition and complimentary business advertisements on state and local levels.

Time Frame:
The duration required to complete the certification process can vary significantly from business to business, contingent upon factors such as the starting point of a business and the level of commitment dedicated to the process within a given timeline.

While full certification may take 3 to 6 months to accomplish, it is also feasible to achieve certification within a matter of weeks. A more precise time estimate can be provided following your initial meeting with the environmental consultant, where you will gain a clearer understanding of the requirements and expectations.

The Green Business certification is valid for a period of 4 years. You will  be notified when it's time for recertification, and the process should be relatively quick. To renew your certification, you will need to update your GreenBiz profile, verify the checklist, schedule a site visit/audit, and provide any necessary documents as evidence of continued compliance. While there may be minor revisions to the checklist during each recertification cycle, they should not entail significant changes.

To receive email updates and initiate the process of becoming a certified green business, please complete this form

* Note: By filling out the form, you will be enrolled in the GBN. However, if you wish to pursue the Green Business Certification with guidance from a consultant, please check the green business certification box. 

Certified Green Businesses in La Mesa

*When you receive your Green Business Certification, we will feature you right here on our webpage.

The City of La Mesa is highlighting Homes With MY Realty for becoming the first La Mesa business to receive the Green Business Certification! They received their certification in November 2022.


Homes With MY Realty is a La Mesa-based company where Myeshia “MY” Abdul-Hakeem and her team help buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. Myeshia has been a Realtor for 28 years, winning the Broker of the Year Award from the San Diego Association of Realtors in 2021 and 2022. IMG_5053

When asked why Homes With MY Realty was interested in the Green Business Certification, Myeshia said, “It’s naturally what we do. We wholeheartedly believe in living with the lowest carbon footprint possible and the biggest SMILE possible.” This started with keeping green practices in mind as they designed their new office space. All office furniture is repurposed or reused from other businesses.  They also installed low flow sinks and fixtures and water their outdoor landscape with recycled water. Additionally, they use printer ink tanks instead of cartridges, certified green cleaning products, and paper products with high recycled content. 

Homes With MY Realty

7938-7940 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91942 | (619) 887-4969

California Green Business Outcomes

California GBN Stats

Below are several avenues through which you can work toward becoming a Greener Business! Please note that this is not an exhaustive overview of the requirements for the Green Business Certification. We highly encourage you to sign up for the Network and arrange a meeting with our environmental consultant for insight into next steps for your business.

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