Utility Box Art Program

Help Paint a Utility Box!

Thank you for your interest in wanting to help beautify La Mesa by providing your artistic skills through our Utility Box Art Program!

Download the Artist Application (PDF).

In partnership with the City of La Mesa, the Park and Recreation Foundation, believes that a diverse community of artists and arts organizations is essential to the cultural, educational, social and economic vitality of La Mesa.

Several utility boxes in La Mesa were chosen to be the canvas for local artists to transform into works of art. The utility boxes are now in need of being repainted. Please email friends@lamesaparks.org if you are interested volunteering to paint a box.

Children with a Painted Utility Box

CC 02

The goals of the program are to enhance the beauty and vibrancy of the City of La Mesa, deter unsightly graffiti on utility boxes, and bring art to unexpected places. We have a list of utility boxes that are in need of being refreshed, or completely cleaned and repainted. Please complete the application (PDF) and return it with your proposed artwork. Once approved by our committee we will either assign you a box or if you have one in mind please note the address/location along with a photo and we will see if it is on our approved list of boxes to be painted.

Three Young Women with Painted Utility Box

A template is provided with the application. Please provide a concept drawing that shows the front, sides, and top of the utility box. Please note that utility boxes do differ in size, so we are asking for a full-color concept drawing but it doesn't have to be to scale. Submissions may be hand-drawn or computer-generated.

Bird Utility Boxes
Flower Utility Box
Parrot Utility Box
Hammerhead Shark Utility Box
Bee Kind Utility Box
Cactus on a Skateboard Utility Box