Residential Crime Prevention

Auto Theft

Through this presentation you will learn:

  • Why it occurs
  • Where it occurs
  • When it occurs
  • How to prevent it

To schedule a presentation, contact The Crime Prevention Unit 619.667.7545.

Elder Abuse
How to recognize and report it.

Community Oriented Policing
What it is and how it affects the way the police respond to calls.

Fraud & Scams
What to watch for and how to protect yourself.

Emergency Preparedness (La Mesa Survive)
This presentation is offered by the La Mesa Fire Department to Neighborhood Watch Groups. Viewers will learn how to prepare for and behave during and after a major disaster, such as an earthquake.

  • What does it mean
  • Is it gang-related
  • What you can do to help us get rid of it

Neighborhood Watch
Overview of the program and how it can make your neighborhood safer.

Operation I.D.
Viewers will learn why this special marking procedure for your property is important in helping the police catch crooks, convict them and get your stolen property back.

Residential Security Survey
A Crime Prevention Specialist will come to your residence, review the existing conditions with you, then make simple, practical suggestions to help you make your home less vulnerable to burglary.
Security Lighting & Hardware- Learn the various types and which are most effective

Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (R.S.V.P.)
Viewers will learn the valuable services these patrols are performing in your community and how you can join them.
Solicitors & Trespass Laws
Viewers will learn about the laws regarding door-to-door solicitors and trespassing, and how citizens can use them.