Storm Water requirements  

Over Irrigation is Prohibited

​Over watering to the point which the water is running into the street and the City's storm drain system is not permitted within the City of La Mesa. Please report water wasters to the City's storm water pollution prevention hotline at 619.667.1134 and to Helix Water district at .

Storm drain markerWhat is Storm Water Pollution?

When it rains, water flows over parking lots, streets, yards and other surfaces collecting everything from cigarette butts to motor oil and washes them into the storm drain system. Storm drains are designed to reduce potential flooding of streets and properties when it rains but are not connected to treatment systems. Therefore, everything that is washed down a storm drain eventually ends up in lakes, rivers, creeks and, ultimately, on the beach and in the ocean.

The Pollution Solution

To reduce storm water pollution, city staff, developers, contractors, businesses and residents are required to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs). BMPs are practices or devices used to reduce or eliminate pollutants from entering the storm water system. A BMP can be as simple as picking up after your pet, using minimal fertilizers and least toxic pest controls, or eliminating over-irrigation of your landscaping.


- 2015 Updated Jurisdictional Run-off Management Plan 

What La Mesa is Doing

Under the federal Clean Water Act, the City of La Mesa is required to comply with a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. This permit is designed to reduce pollution from urban runoff and storm water discharges by implementing various pollution prevention programs.

The city is required to implement programs to identify and eliminate illegal / illicit discharges into La Mesa’s storm water system, utilize BMPs in its operations, and conduct monitoring programs during dry and wet weather seasons.

The City of La Mesa is also required to implement a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) in order to eliminate sewer discharges to the storm water system and protect the environment.

Keep Hazardous Pollutants Out of the Storm Drain

To report a storm water violation including illegal discharge into the storm drain system, please call the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Hotline.

For general information about proper disposal of household hazardous waste and used motor oil, or for questions about recycling programs in La Mesa, call our general information line.