Welcome to the City of La Mesa, where the safety and well-being of our residents and visitors take top priority. Our objective is to design streets that are not only efficient but also safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike. Embracing comprehensive traffic calming and neighborhood traffic management programs, we strive to curb speeding and foster a strong sense of community in our neighborhoods. Committed to the Vision Zero initiative, a global effort to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries, we implement a variety of strategies, including traffic calming measures, signage, and community engagement, to cultivate safer road environments. Join us in creating streets that are not just functional, but also dedicated to enhancing safety and the overall quality of life for everyone in La Mesa. 

About the Mobility Commission

The Mobility Commission in our city plays a crucial role in shaping the transportation landscape and ensuring a seamless and accessible mobility experience for all residents. Comprised of dedicated individuals with a passion for enhancing transportation systems, the commission actively works to address and improve mobility challenges faced by our community. From advocating for sustainable transportation solutions to advising on infrastructure developments, the Mobility Commission is at the forefront of creating a city that prioritizes efficient, inclusive, and environmentally conscious mobility. By fostering collaboration between city officials, stakeholders, and the public, the commission strives to implement innovative strategies that enhance connectivity, reduce congestion, and contribute to a more sustainable and vibrant urban environment. 

View information about the Mobility Commission here. And view the most recent Mobility Commission meeting agenda and minutes.