Residential Storm water Pollution Prevention

Pollution Preventing Tips
The following is a helpful list of what you can do to help prevent storm water pollution in La Mesa's residential neighborhoods.

Your Vehicle
  • Recycle used motor oil and antifreeze. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each year 180 million gallons of used motor oil gets dumped into storm drains or into the ground.
  • Use a shutoff nozzle when washing your car. Use water and cleaners sparingly and use biodegradable products.
In Your Yard & Garden
  • Read labels of pesticides and fertilizers carefully. Use them sparingly and follow directions.
  • Store chemicals in a safe place and dispose of unwanted chemicals at a hazardous household collection location.
  • Use a broom and shovel to clean up leaves, dirt and debris. Don’t use a hose. Such cleaning will result in these materials ending up in the storm drain.
  • Compost your plant cuttings to use as soil amendment and to help reduce erosion in your garden.
  • Buy products labeled "non-toxic".
Never put unwanted hazardous materials in the trash can. Take them to a local collection site for safe disposal. Make it a habit to recycle reusable materials.