Cost and Fees

A general In-City Business License is for most businesses based in the City of La Mesa. The application cost is $39 for most businesses, plus $3 per employee working over 20 hours a week. Fees may vary by business type and for detailed fee information, please see the Business License Fee Schedule. Fees are required when mailing in application. 

Application Submission

This application can be submitted through the mail or in person.  Applying online is also an option. The application is routed for approval through the Fire, Community Development (and occasionally) Police Departments. The process generally takes four to eight weeks for the license to arrive to you in the mail. Note: If you plan to own, operate or manage a business in La Mesa where unpackaged food items are processed, handled, prepared, served or sold you may also be required by the La Mesa FOG Ordinance to obtain a FOG Discharge Permit from the City of La Mesa. Fees are required when mailing in application. Business licenses are not transferable. Applications received without payment will be returned. 


The Heartland Fire Department requires an inspection of your business as part of the approval process. Please contact Heartland Fire for an inspection appointment AFTER you have submitted a completed application, with fees, to the Business License Officer. Heartland Fire is available at 619.667.1355.