About the Sidewalk Master Plan
In order to increase our competitiveness for grant funds and to plan for future development, the City of La Mesa is preparing a sidewalk master plan. Safe and sound infrastructure in the city improves the quality of life for everyone. Sidewalks are an important piece of infrastructure. La Mesa does not have the resources to build new sidewalks at this time. But, a sidewalk master plan will increase our chances of finding resources.
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View an enlarged version of the above Sidewalk Master Plan Map.
The first step in the plan is the creation of a sidewalk map (see image on the right). This map will show where we already have sidewalks and where we plan to put them. The sidewalk map will also show streets where we don’t plan to add sidewalks. There are sections of La Mesa where there are significant constraints to sidewalk construction (such as the hillside areas) and there are sections that residents would prefer to keep more rural (without sidewalks).

It is not the intent of the city to remove trees nor take away homeowners' property. The city is proposing to utilize revised Street Design Standards to place sidewalks within existing right of ways.

The most important concept for sidewalks is connectivity. For people to want to use a sidewalk, it must conveniently connect them to their intended destination. Connectivity can be challenging in La Mesa because there are many long unconnected streets and cul-de-sacs. Please review the sidewalk map and the list of streets proposed for no sidewalks.

Colored lines along the streets indicate the following: blue lines are existing sidewalks; red lines are proposed sidewalks; and yellow lines are where no additional sidewalks are proposed. Two lines indicate sidewalks on both sides of the street.

How the Sidewalk Map Was Created
This map was presented at several community meetings to gather initial feedback from residents. The map was further refined based on that feedback.