Business Development Handbook

Starting & Expanding Your Business

The City of La Mesa wants your business and wants to help you get started. This page will provide you with a handbook for new business, an overview of land use, permitting, and development standards for new construction and/or expansion of an existing business. It also contains contact information for city staff, useful links to other agencies, and a checklist for getting started. You will also find a quick reference guide to Allowable Uses by Zone, which provides greater detail on the types of businesses that are allowed in certain zones and what approvals may be required.

Finally, you will find a hand-out on development standards for commercial and industrial uses, which will better inform you of the requirements or limitations related to building height, design, landscaping, parking, and trash enclosures. We hope you find the information useful and know that assistance from City staff is only a phone call away. Contact us at 619.667.1177.

Helpful Documents