Development Requirements

Storm Water Requirements for Development
New development and redevelopment projects are required to employ pollutant source control as well as low impact development (LID) treatment designs. These requirements were created in order to minimize the impacts on receiving water quality downstream of proposed development projects. The City of La Mesa Standard Urban Storm Water Mitigation Plan (SUSMP) serves as a guidance manual for developers in order to comply with City requirements. The updated SUSMP incorporates the hydro-modification control requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Permit issued by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Complete the storm water checklist located in Appendix A of the La Mesa SUSMP to determine if a proposed project is considered a Priority Development Project (PDP). If the project in question is a PDP, a Post Construction Water Quality Technical Report (PCWQTR) shall be submitted. If the project is not a PDP, a Standard LID Plan shall be submitted.
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