What is the City of La Mesa's policy regarding solicitation?
Residential solicitation is allowed within the City however vehicle solicitation (fliers posted on vehicles in parking lots) is prohibited. Anyone may refuse solicitation and it is best to make this request at the time of the occurrence to the vendor and to ask for a business card for follow up. The City of La Mesa currently has an application process for solicitors wishing to do business within the City. The process includes fees, an investigation and the submittal of photographs. The license is valid for one year from the listed start date.

While the City of La Mesa wishes to make contact with every unlicensed solicitor we need your help! If you would like to complain about an unlicensed solicitor please follow the reporting process outlined above. Remember - while soliciting is allowed in residential areas, door-to-door, it is up to you to request "no soliciting".

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