POLICE POSITIONS ONLY: What does the La Mesa Police Department physical abilities test consist of?
The La Mesa Police Department’s Physical Abilities Test is a timed test which simulates a suspect chase. The total distance of the course is approximately 500 yards and includes several obstacles. The obstacles include climbing up and down horizontal bars, moving up and down stairs, and going over a three foot, four foot, and six foot wall. The candidate will also be required to lift a 155 pound dummy and drag it a moderate distance. The candidate will have three and a half minutes to complete the course. The test is pass/fail. If the candidate does not pass the test the first time, they will be given one additional opportunity when all other applicants are finished with the testing. Candidates must pass the physical abilities test before beginning the background process. The candidate must sign a liability waiver prior to participating in the Physical Abilities Test. Candidates are encouraged to arrive early and warm up prior to testing.

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